It’s simple, you provide the artwork followed by your fabric choice and we print it for you!

Forest Digital sets itself above industry competitors by offering a premium service.

Our high-quality inks, luxurious selection of fabric bases and impressive lead-times will demonstrate why Forest Digital is a popular choice for high-end fashion brands and textile studios. Established in 2008, Forest Digital’s team of in-house artworkers and technicians will ensure optimal digital print results. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise has led us to produce some of the best prints in the industry.

From sampling through to production printing as well as cushion and scarf services, we work with many designers across both the fashion and interior sectors. Here at Forest Digital, we can take care of the full process – printing the fabric to manufacturing a finished product. Having high-spec software in place it enables us to offer bespoke and uniquely tailored services for every client. We guarantee to bring your designs to life!

You will see that our extensive, yet carefully chosen fabric collection has been approved for the successful application of digital print. Every fabric base has its own exclusive ink and machine setting. From lavish silks to organic and sustainable bases, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of fabric qualities. Here at Forest Digital, researching current and future trends is important to us in ensuring that our selection will stay updated. If you require any samples of our bases, please see our online shop!

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