For over 25 years, Forest Digital has been at the forefront of digital fabric printing and we are thrilled to introduce you to the exciting, cutting edge sustainable fabrics UK recently added to our range. As one of the UK’s leading digital fabric printers, we are always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint and our impact on our precious planet.

Thanks to David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, and many others saving our incredible planet and lowering our impact on it is big news. We are named ‘Forest Digital’ because of our love of forests and the Earth. Our clients – fashion and interior designers – feel the same and are responding to their own needs, and their customers’ demands, for environmentally friendly fashion and products that don’t poison or damage our home. We did our research and expanded our fabric repertoire to include the world’s very finest earth-friendly fabrics.

Lenzing™, a company in Austria,  has been creating ethical fabrics since the early ‘90s. Their latest luxurious eco-fabrics – satins, silks, and twills – feel soft and fall beautifully. Most importantly,  we can digitally print on them perfectly.

With high-quality environmentally friendly Lenzing fabrics, we are able to offer our clients a beautiful selection of sustainable fabrics to print on. Lenzing produces two ranges of eco-material: the viscose Lenzing EcoVero™, the most environmentally friendly viscose in the world, and Tencel™, a rayon that raises the bar of sustainable fabrics UK.

Both fabrics are trademarked by Lenzing so that the designer and the consumer knows they are buying a fully environmentally friendly Lenzing fabric.

At Forest Digital we now stock Lenzing EcoVero™ satin, EcoVero™ twill, plain weave Tencel™, and silk Tencel™ satin in our range for digital fabric printing.

Let’s take a deeper look at the eco-credentials of our new fabrics for digital printing in the UK.


EcoVero™ is a viscose made from wood entirely sourced from FSC and PEFC™-certified forests so all the wood is renewable and completely sustainable. The manufacturing process is incredibly low impact with less energy used so both carbon emissions and wastewater is 50% less than in the manufacture of generic viscose. The supply chain is fully transparent with environmental impact taken into consideration at every step of the way, right down to shorter transportation routes.

What’s more, EcoVero™ is completely biodegradable – it comes from nature and returns to nature – resulting in a significant reduction to the shocking landfill that plagues the fashion industry.

EcoVero™’s environmental impact is so low and its eco-friendly credentials so high that it has been awarded the prestigious EU Ecolabel.

For digital printing, we stock EcoVero™ Satin and Twill fabrics, both made of 35% silk and 65% EcoVero™. These fabrics are extremely light and pleasant to the touch and have a very special silky sheen – perfect for luxurious clothing, scarves, and cushions. When worn, the fabric is also breathable and gentle on the skin. EcoVero™ is the perfect fabric for eco-conscious fashion and interior designers.


Tencel™ is made from the cellulose fibres of the eucalyptus, all grown on sustainable farms, completely certified, renewable sources. Eucalyptus is not just sustainably farmed but it also doesn’t require toxic pesticides or insecticides to grow. It’s also impressively good at carbon sequestration – 10 tonnes per hectare per year!

Once the eucalyptus is farmed, the Tencel™ is manufactured in a ‘close looped process which means 99% of the emissions are recaptured and recycled. Throughout the process non-toxic chemicals are used so there is absolutely no poisoning of our planet’s precious air, water, or soil.

We stock the wonderful Plainweave Tencel™ (100% Tencel™) and the luxurious Silk Tencel™ Satin (30% silk and 70% Tencel™).

Both have an amazing drape and are breathable so they absorb moisture of the body (perfect for sensitive skin). They are machine washable – naturally, wrinkle and shrink-resistant –  and super durable.

For us, the smooth surface of Tencel™ is perfect for printing on. The colours penetrate deeply into the fibre structure resulting in an impressive colour brilliance. So garments and products made with Tencel™ are less likely to fade, looking as good as new even after repeated washing.

Wonderfully, Tencel™, like EcoVero™, is fully biodegradable – they are truly the most eco-fabrics you can find.

Talk to us about digitally printing on these exciting environmentally friendly fabrics – – fashion does not have to cost the earth. Lenzing’s green credentials are unmatched and for the printer, designer and user their fabrics EcoVero™ and Tencel™ have the most wonderful benefits.

Click on the link to read more about EcoVero™ and Tencel.