Our Purpose

Forest Digital distinguishes itself from competitors in the sector by providing high-quality digital fabric printing, digital textile printing, and garment and accessory manufacture. We are the choice for high-end fashion brands, interior designers, and textile studios looking to create bespoke textiles and own design fabrics because of our high-quality water-based inks, impressive digital fabric printer, luxurious selection of fabric bases, small minimum order quantity, competitive pricing, and impressive lead-times. Forest Digital‘s staff of in-house art-workers and technicians will provide excellent digital print results. In the UK, Forest Digital was founded in 2008 as a fabric printing company.   On our state-of-the-art Monna Lisa Evo Tre machine, we’ve produced some of the greatest custom printed fabrics and textile print in the business thanks to our abundance of digital print knowledge and skills.      

Why should you choose us?

– High-performance software – Services that are bespoke and one-of-a-kind – Products that are both organic and sustainable – Silks of exceptional quality and other high-end natural fibres – Fabric variety is extensive, as is knowledge of current trends. – Pricing that is both flexible and competitive – The industry’s quickest turnaround times    

Printing on Digital Fabric

We collaborate with numerous designers in the fashion and interior industries, from sampling to digital printing to the manufacture of bespoke fashion accessories and home decor.   Whether you need fabric for an entire season’s collection or just a small run, we handle the whole printing process for you, from print creation to ink colour adjustments to fabric printing to final product manufacture.   We can offer customised and completely adapted digital print services for each customer since we have high-spec software in place that can cope with large size designs. We guarantee that we will bring your ideas to reality!  

Perfect Fabrics & Textiles for Digital Fabric Printing

Our vast, yet well-chosen fabric range has been authorised for effective digital print application. On our digital fabric printer, each fabric base has its own unique ink and machine settings. We take pleasure in our large assortment of high-quality fabric types and quick turnaround, which includes everything from luxurious silks to viscose to organic and sustainable bases.     Researching current and future trends is a key component of Forest Digital’s digital fabric printing service.  The reason being, we want to keep our fabric and textile choices up to date. Please visit our online shop if you require any swatch samples of our bases! We know print, art, cloth, and colour at Forest Digital. For almost a decade, we’ve been setting the standard in fashion print, print manufacturing, and textile design. We were here at the outset of the digital print revolution. And we are still at the forefront of it now – since our roots in screen printing. Regardless of the print run or project, our digital printers perform any sort of bespoke printing with ease. When you add in our studio team’s expertise, our commitment to industry-leading production speeds, and our ability to produce everything on-site, it’s no surprise that we work with the biggest names in fashion season after season.