We will always recommend doing a strike off for any new designs. Whether your project may be large or small, we will help you to choose the correct fabric base, ensure that the colors are perfect, and that you are happy to go ahead before printing final meterage or producing finished units.

A strike off is a meter of sampling fabric (costing £100.00). You can test as many designs as you like within this meter – our in-house Artworker can take crop sections of each design to create a unique layup for you. If colour is a concern, we can also produce colour variations for each design. A strike off is a great way to confirm that you are happy with the colours, fabric and design before moving forward.


Every file should be saved as a tiff. The software we work with can only read tiff files. It is also important to have your files saved with a minimum DPI of 300. This will ensure that we can get the best quality from your designs. Unless stated otherwise, we will need files to be sent print ready.

We recommend using We Transfer to submit your files to us – you can do this easily via our website. However, if you have multiple files that are too large to send via We Transfer, they can be put onto a USB memory stick and sent into our studio.

Sometimes files are too large to send via We Transfer. If this happens, try reducing the scale by 50%. Once the file has been received on our end, we will scale it back up to the correct size. Please make sure that specific instructions are given if the scale has been altered with.

We work in an RGB format. Please note that if you are working in a different profile, our colours might appear in a different tone unless discussed to colour match.

We can colour match your design, but if a very specific tone is required, we would always recommend requesting a colour book. We will send you the fabric version of the tones required plus a digital copy. The corresponding digital version can be matched to the fabric to give an exact idea of how a particular colour will look on screen compared with how it will appear printed.

The colours on screen will never normally completely match the fabric. This can be due to the brightness of the screen giving the print a false sense of brightness or vibrancy. We will always print your design exactly how it’s been supplied to us – unless stated to change or adjust otherwise. Please be aware that your design may look different on your screen compared to ours.


This does depend on the amount of meterage required. However, we would normally state a turnaround time of 10 days for silk and two weeks for cotton. A strike off for sampling will take just one week.

Scarf orders will take around 3-4 weeks for the fabric to be printed, hemmed and sent back to you. Larger orders will have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. Accessory, cushion and garment manufacturing will have a similar time scale.


Our price list is broken down into different categories depending on the amount of meterage needed. Once your category price has been decided upon for fabric, this gives you the price per meter. The same method applies to the print charge. The print charge covers the cost for all inks used, but this figure is added to the fabric price to give you the total cost per meter.

We have two additional charges: the roll on fee and set up fee. There has to be a certain amount of plain fabric already going through the printer before we can begin to print your design. The roll on fee covers the cost of this excess fabric and will cost £20.00 per each different fabric base chosen. The set up fee will cost £25.00 per each new design sent to us. This covers the checks, edits or layups that need to be carried out by our Artworker before sending down to print. Please note that if a repeat order is required, we wouldn’t charge twice for the same designs.

The fault rate applies for any panels that will need printing such as scarf orders. With panel work, the fabric is much more prone to picking up marks and we therefore need to print 10% extra of the order. However, if we print a perfect run with no faults, you will receive these extras.