At Forest Digital our digital fabric printing service works with leading and emerging interior brands in the UK and beyond to create custom home decor. We are recognised as experts in digital fabric printing with decades of experience, and can offer bespoke creative guidance, in-depth knowledge of a large number of fabric types from cotton to silk, state-of-the-art eco-friendly digital printing and short lead times.

Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples

Forest Digital specialise in digital textile printing and producing home decor in many fabrics. We take your custom homeware design all the way from your creative artwork to the finished cushions, tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, or any custom printed fabric homeware product you desire.

If you are looking to produce sustainable homewares, Forest Digital has a wide selection of organic and sustainable fabrics suitable for digital textile printing, so that your bespoke home decor won’t just look and feel wonderful but they will also be environmentally friendly.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for cushion manufacturing or Forest Digital Cushion Printing?

For this service, our minimum order is just 6 units.

Should I add a seam allowance to my cushion artworks?

We recommend for you to send your artwork to us print-ready with a seam allowance of 1.5cm for panels.

What size cushions can you produce?

We currently offer 43cm, 50cm, and 60cm square cushions, but we can actually produce any shape or size!

What finishes do you offer for cushion manufacturing or custom cushion printing UK?

We offer a knife or piped edge and can source other fabric types such as plain dyed velvets for the backing. We are able to manufacture just the cushion covers, or alternatively provide polyester or feather inserts to produce the full cushion. If you require a block-colored backing or piped edging, we can match this to the desired colour within your print design. If you would like to supply any brand or care labels, we can sew these on at no additional cost.

How long will it take to produce an order of cushions?

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and though cushion orders do depend on the size of the order, we find it usually takes around 4 weeks from the day that everything is approved.

What other homeware items can you produce?

Forest Digital Cushion Printing along with this we can print and manufacture your digital print artworks to produce pretty much any homeware product to a very high quality! We can also manufacture tablecloths, napkins, and tea towels.

Please contact us if you have questions about our custom cushion printing UK or homeware manufacturing services.

Digital fabric printing has gained popularity because of a sustainable solution to all custom homeware requirements. At Forest Digital, we have experts dealing in digital fabric printing under homeware, such as cushions, offering you your desired prints, the finest fabrics, and durable materials.

Custom printed homeware from Forest Digital bring you your favorite prints, abstracts, color combinations, and several other designs on your decorative items.

If you have a stack of cushions lying on your lounge, well bring them to Forest Digital, and have custom photo design cushions with a touch of your imagination. We specialize in customizing as per anniversary design, birthday design, abstract design, shape design, denim design, and several other designs as per user requirements.

Whether you are adding a new piece of decor to your home or remodeling the existing ones, custom printed homeware has a huge impact. When you get the opportunity to design every piece of furniture, it brings together the decoration of the house and allows you to showcase a theme. At forest digital, we provide high-quality custom cushion printing and other custom printed homeware to help you design your dream house.

The idea of self-expression is well crafted on all customized products given that we have experienced craftsmen who not only design high-quality homeware but also express their creativity on the product. We create every item with a stunning element to showcase in your room. With custom printed homeware, you can express your personality, design choices, and interests. Choose from hundreds of different fabric textures, styles, and colors and give your dream house theme decoration. Create a space of your own.

As a part of cushion printing UK, our experienced designers will also help you choose the right options, put them together, and complete your custom look. We make sure that, as reliable customers, your creative ideas do take the flight of your dreams.

As one of the leading cushion manufacturers in the UK, we specialize in customizing your homeware items. We have come forward to collaborate with you and help you with a successful outcome of designing your home with dashing and elegant homeware. If you are planning to shop every piece on different websites or run around hundreds of shops and finally spend way too much time, we have ideas that can help you complete your home decor in a short time and also assist you with your furniture designing before you take any final decision.

Appropriately designed and rightly placed furniture does bring the requisite amount of style along with good luck and prosperity.

Our experienced designers will also help you with the right path towards designing the perfect place and placing the homeware in the right position.

Custom printed homeware brings along exclusivity in any place you keep them. Your style and personality reflect from the items you place in your house more so because custom-made pieces adapt easily to any space as they are prepared according to specific requirements in terms of design, size, shape, and dimension. At Forest digital, we ensure high-quality digital fabric printing so you can steer clear of worrying about the longevity of the items. All raw materials used custom cushion printing ensure the product to be used for a long time and therefore even if you order for a bulk of similar cushions, we do not compromise on quality.