The world of fashion is constantly evolving, with designers pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques to create unique and captivating pieces. In this blog piece, we delve into the journey of Monika Pohorská, a talented degree student, and how Forest Digital, a renowned digital printing company, played a crucial role in bringing her vision to life through digitally printed fabric. Monika’s collection, titled “Voices of Nature,” reflects her deep passion for fashion print and draws inspiration from nature, mythologies, and traditional textile approaches.

Monika Pohorská's collection
Embracing Fine Art and Contemporary Silhouettes:

Monika’s fine art background has shaped her approach to fashion, resulting in simple yet contemporary silhouettes that serve as a canvas for her bold textiles. She embraces a unique fusion of fine art and fashion, incorporating elements from traditional print-making techniques such as linocut and crosshatching into her designs.

Monika's collectionThe Role of Print in “Voices of Nature”:

“Voices of Nature” is a womenswear collection that revolves around the power of print. Monika’s prints are a direct reflection of her inspiration drawn from nature and mythologies. She believes that mythologies serve as explanations of nature’s forces, representing what was unexplainable to our ancestors. By combining natural colors and prints inspired by patterns and figures from mythology, Monika’s collection becomes an embodiment of the beauty and complexity of natural landscapes and the themes they influence.

Cultural Influences and Mythical Elements:

Monika’s designs are a tapestry of cultural influences, combining her Czech background with inspiration from European, South American, and African cultures. The dresses in her collection feature elements of fantasy and mythology, with silhouettes inspired by folk costumes and geometric shapes drawn from trees and plants. These garments elegantly capture the mythical aspects of print design and the spiritual symbols found in nature.

Collaboration with Forest Digital:

Forest Digital played a crucial role in assisting Monika with the realization of her vision. Their expertise in digital printing and commitment to quality ensured that Monika’s prints were faithfully reproduced on fabric, capturing the intricate details and vibrant colours of her designs. The collaboration with Forest Digital allowed Monika to elevate her collection and bring her print designs to life with remarkable precision.

Incorporating Traditional Textile Approaches:

In addition to print, Monika’s collection also incorporates traditional textile approaches such as beadwork, patchwork, and embroidery. These techniques add depth and texture to her garments, further enhancing the overall aesthetic and paying homage to traditional craftsmanship.


Monika Pohorská’s collection, “Voices of Nature,” is a testament to her creative vision, fine art background, and passion for fashion print. With the assistance of Forest Digital, Monika successfully transformed her inspirations from nature and mythologies into stunning digitally printed fabrics. The collaboration between Monika and Forest Digital showcases the power of technology and craftsmanship in the fashion industry, resulting in a collection that captures the beauty of natural landscapes, mythical qualities, and cultural influences. Monika’s designs stand as a testament to her talent and the limitless possibilities of digitally printed fabric in the realm of contemporary fashion.