At Forest Digital our digital fabric printing service works with leading and emerging fashion labels and brands in the UK and beyond from fabric design to garment production. We are recognised as experts in digital fabric printing with decades of experience. We offer bespoke creative guidance, in-depth knowledge of a large number of fabrics from cotton to silk, state-of-the-art eco-friendly digital printing and short lead times.

fabric printing uk
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Digital fabric printing services UK
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples

Forest Digital specialise in digital fabric printing and can also produce garments in many designs and in many fabric types. We take your garment design all the way from your creative artwork to the finished collection of high quality clothes you desire.

If you are looking to produce sustainable clothing, Forest Digital have a wide selection of organic and sustainable fabric types for you to choose from, so that your collection won’t just look and feel wonderful but will also be environmentally friendly.

What is our minimum order quantity for garment manufacturing?

For this service, we need a minimum order quantity of 50 per style/ print, but this quantity can contain a range of clothing sizes.

How does the garment printing and production process work?

We would need to start by producing a finished digitally printed fabric sample so that the fabric, your digital artwork, sizing and CMT can be approved. Once this sample has been approved, we can then accurately cost production and give you a price per unit. We will need you to provide a pattern piece of physical example garment for our factory to copy. Garment orders are very varied, so please get in contact with us to discuss your garment ideas or requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our garment production service, please get in contact with a member of our team!
When it comes to designing eco-friendly fabrics with digital printing mechanisms, forest digital specializes in sustainable fabric solutions. The items manufactured at forest digital are environment and skin-friendly, prepared using high-quality fabrics compared to traditional textile manufacturing practices.

As one of the leading CMT clothing manufacturers, forest digital conducts the cut-make-trim process, to fasten the production and delivery process, without much of a hassle. The CMT process helps reduce the cost of shipping for the buyer because there are no charges on the pre-production process, product development, pattern making, order processing, pattern grading, or any cost associated with the post-production process.

Whether you are a garment dealer or a fashion designer, at Forest Digital you will get the CMT garment manufacturers to help you with your desired style, as and when you bring in the orders. The finished digitally printed fabrics sample is delivered first so that CMT can be approved for the entire lot. The cost of production is detailed to the buyer along with the physical sample.

The garment costing and the CMT are calculated differently compared to other processes under digital fabric printing. It does take in the labor cost per minute, however, if machines are operated, the costs are adjusted accordingly. The total available capacity per month is the primary indicator to calculate the CMT charges. Fashion merchandising using CMT garment manufacturers is a great opportunity for garment dealers and fashion designers to lower the cost of the entire process and scale up the revenue.

Forest digital engages in CMT manufacturing, keeping in mind the affordability of the buyer.

At Forest Digital, the satisfaction of the apparel buyer is prioritized and therefore the CMT garment manufacturing process has been incorporated. As a government trader or a fashion designer, it is possible to control the fabric quality and the product quality. You can choose from a wide range of fabric materials available and accordingly share your desired printing designs.

As one of the clothing manufacturers UK, we at Forest Digital, do not charge too much for the end product and ensure no hidden charges contrary to full package apparel manufacturers where sampling, shipping, production, and product development charges are included in the final process statement.

We also help with selecting the right design in parlance with the chosen fabric, and its properties. The entire manufacturing and apparel sourcing cost is way lower than other methods of garment manufacturing. Our team of qualified fabric designers helps with understanding the CMT cost process, whereby detailing the CMT price and the buyer’s margin.

There is no overhead pricing, therefore the buyer can save money on the fabric as well as the printing process. Most importantly as a garments trader, there will not be any investments towards raw material. As CMT garment manufacturers, we do not have high overhead charges and therefore the accounting and cost-benefit analysis are easy and computable.

The CMT process by the garment manufacturers UK will allow the retailers to retain control over fabric selection, extra packaging, and even the labels. During peak times, sellers can also take the advantage of tightening leads. So, come, collaborate with us and give your apparel line a chance to connect with the best garment factories, and conduct business using a simple filter system.