META VOCUS, a brand rooted in its founders’ passion for art and environmental activism, has been at the forefront of raising awareness about complex societal and environmental issues. Their artistic vision has evolved into a powerful tool for change, culminating in the creation of Capsules that merge art and purpose. As the brand enters the slow fashion movement, META VOCUS has partnered with Forest Digital Textile Printers to revolutionize their scarf manufacturing process. Through sustainable printing and digital fabric printing, they aim to create a collection of scarves that embody their commitment to both artistry and eco-conscious practices.


Unleashing Art and Purpose through Sustainable Scarf Manufacturing:

META VOCUS, based in London, has set out to redefine the fashion industry by offering garment designs inspired by their original artworks. By wearing these artistic collections, individuals can consciously support the causes they represent, making a meaningful impact. META VOCUS has now taken a significant step towards sustainability by collaborating with Forest Digital Textile Printers, a leading authority in sustainable printing and digital fabric printing.

Introducing Forest Digital Textile Printers:

Forest Digital Textile Printers is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology, enabling the creation of stunning digital prints on textiles while prioritizing eco-conscious practices. With a shared commitment to sustainability, META VOCUS found the perfect partner in Forest Digital to bring their artistic vision to life. This collaboration is a testament to their shared belief in the power of merging artistry and responsible manufacturing processes.

Revolutionizing Scarf Manufacturing through Digital Fabric Printing:

META VOCUS and Forest Digital Textile Printers have joined forces to create a remarkable collection of digitally printed scarves. These scarves are crafted using eco vero viscose, a sustainable alternative to conventional viscose that is derived from renewable wood sources and produced in an environmentally responsible manner. By leveraging the cutting-edge digital fabric printing technology of Forest Digital, META VOCUS has been able to elevate their artistry to new heights.

With each scarf in the collection, the intricate details, vibrant colors, and captivating designs embody the founders’ original paintings. Forest Digital’s advanced printing capabilities enable every scarf to tell a unique story, evoking emotions and sparking conversations. The collaboration has not only revolutionized scarf manufacturing but has also demonstrated that sustainable printing and digital fabric printing can create stunning wearable art while reducing the fashion industry’s ecological impact.


The Impact and Future of Sustainable Scarf Manufacturing:

The partnership between META VOCUS and Forest Digital Textile Printers signifies a turning point in sustainable scarf manufacturing. By embracing eco vero viscose and leveraging Forest Digital’s eco-friendly printing methods, META VOCUS has taken significant steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. The scarves produced not only serve as a testament to responsible and ethical fashion but also inspire individuals to make conscious choices in their wardrobe.

As META VOCUS continues its journey to drive positive change, their collaboration with Forest Digital Textile Printers sets a remarkable precedent in the fashion industry. The combination of sustainable printing and digital fabric printing techniques has opened up new possibilities for artistic expression and eco-conscious manufacturing. Together, they are paving the way for a future where art and sustainability seamlessly coexist.


META VOCUS’s partnership with Forest Digital Textile Printers showcases the transformative power of sustainable printing and digital fabric printing in scarf manufacturing. By creating a collection of digitally printed scarves using eco vero viscose, the brand has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to art, purpose, and sustainability. This collaboration serves as a testament to their vision for a better world, where fashion can be both visually stunning and environmentally responsible. Through this partnership, META VOCUS and Forest Digital Textile Printers have set a new standard for the fashion industry, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices and redefine the way we create and wear scarves.