The textile business has been transformed by digital printing, but how environmentally friendly is it?

When it’s more vital than ever to ensure that we’re doing everything we can as individuals and businesses to decrease our influence on the environment in our daily lives, manufacturers worldwide are being questioned about how environmentally friendly their processes are. While most manufacturing processes contribute to toxic waste and negative environmental impacts, modern technologies now give us more possibilities for finding more ecologically friendly ways to produce goods. Digital textile printing is the most popular fabric printing method used by firms and designers when making fabrics and garments. It’s not only a quick and easy way to translate patterns onto a variety of materials, but it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly printing technologies available.

Eco-friendly benefits of digital printing

Digital printing’s modern technologies are more environmentally friendly than any other printing method. But why is that? There will be less wastage. Direct to garment printing (DTG) lowers waste by using only the amount of ink required to print the design. Screen printing, for example, is infamous for using excessive amounts of ink to transfer the design to the cloth, adding to possibly dangerous chemical waste. There is less set-up equipment. Naturally, the digital fabric printing process is straightforward in that it requires less set-up equipment, i.e., no screens or plates are required to make distinct designs. Once the design has completed production and is no longer usable, this type of equipment used for screen and rotary printing will eventually go to waste. Water usage is reduced. Water pollution is the most serious environmental hazard in the textile industry. In prior years, the textile sector alone had a large environmental impact, utilizing excessive water and energy to make printed fabrics. Digital fabric printing helped significantly reduce the water used, wasted, and contaminated. Water is not required for pre-treatments or post-processing, such as steaming and washing, because digital fabric printing uses pigments that acquire color fastness through heat fixation.

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Forest Digital’s State of the art digital silk printing

What is digital silk fabric printing? Digital printing on silk fabric is a technique for generating intricately patterned silk pieces. It’s one of the most popular silk printing processes for bringing designs to life among manufacturers and artists. This printing technique allows the creation of the most unique and spectacular creations, from hand-drawn drawings to computer artwork. Digitally Printing Silk Fabrics At Forest Digital Forest Digital has been inventing and producing luxury printed fabrics for years, specializing in digital printing technology. We can offer customers the whole package when it comes to finding the highest quality silks and bringing their creative ideas into reality as the UK’s state-of-the-art digital fabric printer. When it comes to our fabric printing process, it’s all hands on deck. We have a specialized team that ensures that all technical issues are handled smoothly from beginning to end. Our highly skilled team has a sharp eye for detail and can spot even the tiniest of flaws if they occur. Every step of the digital silk printing process is under our control to ensure consistent, high-quality results. Because we have our machinery, we don’t need to outsource any work. So we can control everything in-house, from silk pretreatment to printing, finishing, and quality control, all the way to shipment.

Digital printing on silk scarves

Forest Digital is a well-known UK expert in the digital print production process for custom silk scarf printing and neckwear. We offer advice on fabric, hems, artwork, finish, and other factors.  Create your unique silk scarves using 100% natural silk and a pattern. When creating your printed silk scarf, we use the highest quality silk with the most bright color. The silk scarf is printed on a beautiful natural fabric. We are one of the leading textile printers in the UK. With our keen eye for design, we are passionate about promoting our clients’ creativity. From high-end fashion design enterprises to students, we work with a wide range of clientele. Choosing the proper fabric is crucial to producing a stunning silk scarf. While we can print on any silk, we recommend a few characteristics for a beautiful drape. If your design calls for a reverse color print, a lighter-weight cloth with a loose weave will allow more color to show through on both sides. Please contact a member of our team if you have any concerns about our digital printing scarf production service!