Upgrading your home decor doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete turnaround, and your furniture pieces do not have to be the only area you can play around with. Another medium that can stand out when it comes to changing something in and around your house is making little changes to the upholstery. Revamp your house with just a few add-ons and new cushions! All you need to do to vamp up your space a little bit is to throw some digital custom cushion printing in the house and transform it from shabby to gorgeous within seconds. However, you may be confused about the type of fabric you want to invest in. There are plenty of options available on the market for you to choose from. However, the quality of the fabric holds the same importance as the design of the material, and that is where Forest Digital comes into the picture. If you want to jump to an easier option, i.e., buy the ready-made digitally printed cushions, Forest Digital has got you covered. In fact, we even go the extra mile for you; we take your custom homeware design all the way from your creative artwork to the finished cushions. If you are someone who believes in investing more in sustainable homewares, then Forest Digital has a wide selection of organic and sustainable fabrics to accommodate your fab-looking, modern digitally printed cushions demand that won’t just look and feel lovely but will also be environmentally friendly.

What cushion fabrics to opt for?

Before deciding on the fabric, you first have to determine where you will place them and what purpose you need them for. The decorative cushions make an excellent statement piece at home; when you seat them around, they uplift the entire look and feel of the room at one glance. And then, such cushions increase the room’s aesthetic appeal and have a purpose. And there are fabrics that are used on a daily basis for upholstery, outdoor furnishing, or to cover chairs, like the ones that we brace ourselves with in bed as we binge-watch our favourite shows. You want to ensure that such heavy-use cushions are long-lasting and durable. Durable materials can withstand everyday wear and tear, and cushions that are being used like that on a daily basis need to be long-lasting enough. Such fabrics would include Cotton Drill, Organic Cotton Panama, Tentex Waterproof, and Eco Canvas. Then comes the category of cushions that are there just for the show; you won’t be using them or sitting on them; they are there to add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room. You can experiment there all you want, for those cushions and covers will only be for the decor, and it is seldom to bring them to use. Here is a list of some of the sustainable fabrics that are used as cushion covers.
  • Cotton and linen

In most cases, cotton and linen are the most popular kinds of fabrics chosen by people. They are natural fibres, hence a sustainable option for you. Place the prior order to forest digital when you want digitally printed cushions of your choice to enhance your home’s decor and yet remain sustainably rich with your choices.
  • Silk or wool

Silk or wool fits perfectly for bedrooms where cushions will be more functional and keep the decorative flow from breaking. With the right care, silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics available, besides the fact that it is expensive. With the right care, it can even last a lifetime.
  • Rayon 

Rayon is one of the most breathable fabrics available. Uplift the spirit of your cozy space with our vibrant handcrafted, digitally printed cushions made from rayon. At Forest Digital, we even let you choose the most interesting fabric samples from our latest collection of digital print bases by hand. Get your hands on cotton, silk fabric samples and other such materials offered at a highly reasonable price. Select the fabrics of your choice from our current range of digital print bases by hand and adorn them on your sofa sets or beds!